web Developement

Check out some websites and web applications I have built!

My Projects

I have build websites and applications using Python, Django, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP, and CodeIgniter. I have used C# and java also.

dy website

Dynamic Youth of Afghanistan

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DYOA is a non-governmental and not for profit youth-led civil rights organization, works in the areas of Career & Education, Peacebuilding & Leadership Development aligned with the Global Goals of United Nations (SDGs).

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Awareness Brokers Foundation

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The ABF consists of students who have come together to inform the community and solve problems in Afghanistan that are rooted in ignorance. We have set up this foundation to build an informed community on all the important issues of the collective.

My Face Recognition

This project aims to implement face recognition using HOG for face recognition and HAAR Cascade for face detection. This is Implemented on Raspberry pi 4 model B with 4GB of ram. The FPS here is about 5 frame per second.

My Experiances

I had the please of working with Subsonic, Narenj, Startup Weekend Kabul. Also, There are many other Experiances that is not included here.

Full Stack Developer

Kateb Logo
Subsonic LLC

Dubai | 2020 to 2021

Working on the Dearhr project from the scratch. I am responsible for all aspects of the projects the Project was built using python language and Django framework. Postgresql is used in the backend.

Web Developer

Narenj logo
Narenj Software Developement

Dubai | 2020 to 2021

I was a part of the Developement team. also, i was responsible for training. the Project was built using PHP language and CodeIgniter framework. MySQL is used in the backend.


I am also member of Startup Weekend Kabul, IGF, board Member Youth IGF, ACM ICPC-Kateb.

dy website

Startup Weekend Kabul

Techstars Startup Weekend is an action-packed program, where aspiring entrepreneurs get to experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that makeup life at a startup. All in just 54 hours.

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IGF Afghanistan

The Internet Governance Forum Afghanistan (IGFA) is an annual event aimed at addressing issues such as access, infrastructure, quality of services, local content and local apps, cyber security, online safety, policy and regulatory environment, and community engagement.

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Youth IGF

The Youth IGF Afghanistan (YouthIGFA) is a youth-led and youth-focused initiative with an aim to engage Afghan youth in processes and dialogues related to Internet Governance.

dy website


Kabul Regional is one of the 26 sites of Asia. It is the first ACM/ICPC regional contest in Afghanistan. The contest is hosted by Kateb University. The winner team of the Kabul Regional contest will go for final contest globally. The ACM and ICPC Foundation support some of the expenses of the teams.