web Developement

I can help you with Developement, Designing,
Branding, Marketing and Project Management!

Web Developement

If you have got an idea, I can build it for you!

dy website

Python, Django, JavaScript, Bootstrap

I have 4 years of experiences in web Developement and software engineering. I used to work with Java, C#, PHP. Now, I switched to Python ecosystem and Django is my favorite web framework. I can handle project form scratch.


I can help you to design your idea, logo, content, website and applications

my design
my design
my design
my design


I can help you with Digital Marketing and Social Media Management and Marketing. I am also familair with Funnal.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the key to success of any business. Now, every company spend a big chunk of its budget on digital marketing. I can help you to boost your marketing.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media

No Doubt that social media is the most powerful tools for business. I can help you with your social media Management, marketing, and Automation.