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As everyone's journey is unique and varies, mine is too.
I was born in a village called Perah located in Panjab, Bamiyan in Afghanistan. After few years, living in Ghazni city, my family moved to Kabul Afghanistan in pursuit of a better life. I finished my high school and university in Kabul in 2019. I have worked at few companies in Afghanistan. 2020 is the year I moved to Dubai. Currently, I live in Dubai, one of the best and dynamic cities of the world.

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My Education

I have a bachelor degree from computer science and some diplomas in language and in STEM

Bachelor of Computer Science
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Kateb University

Kabul | 2016 - 2019

I have learnt so much from Kateb, teachers, mentors and lecturers, my friends and overall from Kateb community. I have made some awasome friends.

High School
Abdur Rahim Shaheed

Kabul | 2010 - 2014

I have studied in many schools. I have started my school in Ghazni. After moving in Kabul, I continued at Sayed Al Shohada high school, then after moving to Marefat private school, I graduated from Abdur Rahim Shaheed high school.

ESL Diploma
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Star Educational Society

Kabul | 2009 - 2012

Star Educational Society is a premier private English language center. Here, I have learnt English that made a huge impact on me. i have made awasome friends.